Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Singapore

The Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management is specifically designed around the tourism industry and the key challenges that individuals must prepare for and face in hospitality management, how to operate in this industry. Hospitality management is the control and operation management system of places where people meet, such as a major restaurant, casino, hotel, shopping mall.

For those of you who are ready to start your education in Singapore, Kingston International School Singapore has introduced very good courses to study hospitality and tourism management diploma in Singapore.

Today, travel and tourism is growing at a tremendous rate globally, with more than a billion tourists visiting destinations by land, air and sea every year. Here, mainly hotels alone, we receive an annual income of nearly one trillion dollars. hospitality and tourism In joining this course, we would like to point out to you that the tourism industry is very broad and a large number of specific opportunities will be created.

And today, a large number of jobs have been created in tourism and hospitality, hotel management, customer service, event planning, food service marketing, sales and travel services.

This hospitality and tourism management course in singapore consists of several valuable and essential basic management subjects. Therefore, this course will undoubtedly be a great help for immediate employment in Shrestha. Also, one of the main goals of this course is to provide qualifications.

When you study this course by Kingston International School Singapore

1.After pursuing Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism related studies they develop comprehensive knowledge and skills.

2. Gain practical knowledge of business and business management at diploma level

3.Mainly preparation and professional development for future careers

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Course Modules and Outline

1.Customer service quality management

For this hospitality management on tourism diploma introduced by Kingston International School Singapore, under the title of Customer Service Situation Management, Customer Service Operations, Customer Complaint Management, Customer Service Service Productivity and Hospitality Tourism Industry Quality.

2.Dietary management

Here mainly food and beverage cooking development, understanding of food and beverage purchasing as well as storage management and operational effectiveness of food and beverage are introduced.

3.Travel and tourism management

This mainly introduces the local and international tourism patterns and provides more understanding about the tourists, in addition to analyzing the tourism industry, it informs about the special events that affect the tourists.

4.Front office and housekeeping management

This mainly refers to gaining expertise in housekeeping operations and how to analyze the effectiveness of both office operations.


This enables each student to acquire knowledge and skills to gain hands-on experience in the hospitality and tourism industry.

If you are looking forward to study in Singapore related to Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management then contact Kingston International School and you can successfully complete this Diploma course. For more information follow the details below.


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