Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Singapore -( eLearning )

Among the mediums that are gaining huge popularity in the world today is the tourism industry and the hospitality industry. In addition, a large number of related jobs are also being created. Today, there is a major demand for hospitality management and tourism management among the reference students for further education. If you are looking forward to study in Singapore, you can study diploma in hospitality and tourism management course by Kingston International School singapore .Here mainly the Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management is specially designed in such a way that it works for both these industries. And to learn the key knowledge and understanding for operating particles.

These experiences will help you gain the future-ready skills needed for the hospitality and tourism jobs of tomorrow and the many other career opportunities available!

Hospitality and tourism management is divided into these 3 main aspects. The main purpose of this is to provide a good education to a student. In addition to this, major educational activities along with several essential basic management managed subjects are very valuable along with a person’s career progression, thus hospitality. Will be suitable for future jobs in management and travel management. You will provide the knowledge you need in two parts of this requirement.

Couse Outcome

1.To introduce them how to practice the activities in addition to the knowledge and all the instructions so that they can get higher education up to diploma in hospitality and tourism management.

2. To provide an opportunity for all students to learn about business principles at theoretical and practical level as well as at diploma level.

3.Enhance personal development as a foundation for future readiness

Course Modules and Outline

Mainly four parts have been used and all those parts are mentioned below


This model mainly refers to customer service customer complaint management customer service effectiveness and care and the use of quality standards in the tourism industry.


This mainly discusses food development, operational development, food service understanding, storage management and operational effectiveness.


The model talks more about international tourism patterns, the understanding of tourism and tourism services and the various influencing factors in the tourism sector and further details are discussed in relation to the tourism industry.


This model mainly discusses the coverage of housekeeping operation and front office process as well as analyzing how to create effectiveness of both front office and housekeeping operations.

Kingston International School offers DIPLOMA IN HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT if you would like to learn more about this diploma course, please contact the institutions using the following information.


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