Diploma in Business Practice in Singapore

The main objective of this diploma is to provide a comprehensive business education in business information technology and problem solving skills.By taking this kind of course, people who are currently in the field of business as well as anyone who is ready to enter the field of business and management service in the future can gain a lot of knowledge and understanding. In addition to this, even a person seeking business development and further education can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge through this.


  • Course Date:17 Apr 2023 to 30 Sep 2025
  • Registration Period:01 Dec 2022 to 28 Feb 2023
  • Time:12:00 AM to 12:00 AM,
    900 hours (2.5yrs)
  • Mode of Training:Facilitated Learning (Face-to-Face/ Online Synchronous) and Asynchronous E-Learning
  • Venue:Singapore Polytechnic (facilitated classroom training) and Online E-Learning
  • Funding:Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit

Course Outline

The course is a 2.5 years part-time programme. It consists of 5 Modular Certificates (MC) conducted over 5 semesters, 1 MC per semester. The first MC to start with is MC1. The classes are conducted in the evening. Each MC comprises of 3 to 4 modules and the details are as follows:  

MC 1 – Certificate in Business Fundamentals
BA4111 Business Statistics
BA4112 Basic Economics
BA4113 Marketing Fundamentals
LC9701 Interpersonal Skills and Proposal Writing

MC 2 – Certificate in Business & Technology
BA4114 Fundamentals of Accounting
BA8014 Essentials of Technology for Business
LC9702 Effective Business Communication Skills
MS1570 Fundamentals of IT and Data Analysis for Business

MC 3 – Certificate in Business Enterprise
BA4116 Introduction to Business Law
BA4132 Human Resource Management
BA4133 Financial Management
BA8016 Organisational Management  

MC 4 – Certificate in Business Administration
BA4122 Essentials of Financial & Management Accounting
BA4138 Innovations in Service Quality
BA4139 Supply Chain Management

MC 5 – Certificate in Business Marketing
BA4124 Essentials of Consumer Psychology
BA4125 Essentials of Customer Relationship Management
BA4127 Essentials of Digital Marketing The synopsis of the modules can be found here.

Minimum Requirements

Applicants with any of the following qualifications are invited to apply for the Part-Time diploma:

a) The following GCE ‘O’ Level grades and with at least 1 year of relevant working experience :

English Language Grade 1 – 6
Mathematics (Elementary or Additional) Grade 1 – 6
Any One other subject excluding CCA Grade 1 – 6

ORb) Nitec with GPA >= 3.5 


c) Nitec with GPA >= 3.0 and at least 1 year of relevant working experience.


d)  Nitec in Technology/Services with GPA >= 3.5 and at least 1 year of relevant working experience.


e) Higher Nitec with GPA >=2.0


f) Higher Nitec with GPA >=1.5 and at least 1 year of relevant working experience.


g) Higher Nitec in Technology/Services with GPA >=2.0 and at least 1 year of relevant working experience.


h) Relevant WSQ Advanced Certificate (or higher) with at at least 1 year of relevant working experience and Level 6 for both WSQ Workplace Literacy SOA & Workplace Numeracy SOA


i) Applicant with none of the qualifications listed above but at least 2 years of relevant working experience.

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