CTH Level 4 Diploma in Tourism Management in Singapore

For those of you who are looking forward to study in Singapore, a Diploma in Tourism Management is offered at the most valuable time and now you have an opportunity to study at Kingston International School Singapore . It is possible to visit a certain country As a result, jobs in various sectors have been created. By taking this course, you will have knowledge about the tourism industry and tourism management, as well as the ability to present yourself to new job opportunities. This course is open to students entering the second year of degrees at selected universities or any of the Level 5 CTH Diploma programmes. It is also a free qualification for those who want to join the job at team member level.

Course Outcome

The course combines a practical career component with a number of valuable essential core management subjects to advance the career of each individual student. Therefore, while studying this course, this will be an ideal qualification for employment in the field.

Course Structure

Modules: Five (5) Modules

  • Duration of study:
    Twelve (12) Months
    (6 Months Academic + 6 Months Industrial Attachment)
  • Travel and Tourism Operations
  • Travel Geography
  • Finance in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Global Tourism and Hospitality
  • Industrial Attachment— Travel and Tourism Supervision, Destination Analysis, Customer Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality

Course Modules and Outline

Travel and Tourism Operations

Tourism and Tourism Mission This mainly provides tourist guidance related to travel and tourism services affecting safety and tourism.

Travel Geography (TG):

This mainly introduces the characteristics of tourism geography, domestic and international tourism pattern and nature of tourism destination.

Finance in Tourism and Hospitality (FTH): 

This major provides students with the knowledge to understand key sources of finance and to understand and judge the relationship between cost volume and profit as well as to make recommendations on pricing to implement costing practices and demonstrate new business performance using recognized tools.

Global Tourism and Hospitality (GTH): 

The service mainly provides insight into the size of the tourism and hospitality industry as well as the scope of tourism, food and accommodation, issues affecting it, ways to address such issues and developments in global tourism and hospitality brands.

        Industrial Attachment (IA):

        Travel and Tourism Supervision:

        This mainly deals with managing the travel agency and providing the knowledge needed to manage the travel provision as well as the performance of the staff.

        Destination Analysis:

        This mainly discusses the study of key assessment factors affecting tourism destination development to understand destination analysis and principles as well as conduct a destination audit.

        Customer Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality:

        This mostly studies customer service in tourism and hospitality. Customer Service Operations Management studies customer inquiries and the analysis of customer service effectiveness in the hospitality or tourism industry and the use of quality systems in the travel and tourism industry.


        If you are someone who is preparing to study in Singapore, you can choose Kingston International School in Singapore to study the diploma in tourism management course and follow the information below for more details.



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