CTH Level 4 Diploma in Hospitality Management in Singapore

Today, hospitality is a sought-after job in many parts of the world, and more job opportunities have emerged. And with the development of the world in the future, a good job market will be created for HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT. If you are planning to study in Singapore, you have the opportunity to study various subjects, and among them, studying Hospitality Management has brought you to the top of the Hospitality field.

Students can access this mainly for second year or fifth year CTH diploma programs in Singapore at selected universities.

Course Outcome

This course will be the best fit for employment in the field as it integrates a number of core essential management subjects as a foundation for practical careers, which will advance each student’s career.

Modules: Five (5) Modules

  • Rooms Division Operations
  • Food and Beverage Operations
  • Finance in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Global Tourism and Hospitality
  • Industrial Attachment—Rooms Division Supervision, Food and Beverage Supervision, Customer Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality

Course Modules and Outline

Rooms Division Operations

It mainly refers to the room division operations which covers the room division operations office, housekeeping, storage office and most of the control operations.

Food and Beverage Operations

Food and Beverage Operations is mainly related to this because this unit has used the food production operation to understand the face of food production operations and food and beverage.

Finance in Tourism and Hospitality

Finance in tourism tourisum and hospitality is mainly related to understanding the sources of finance. Here mainly to understand the relationship between cost volume and profit. Awareness of representation.

Global Tourism and Hospitality

global tourism and hospitality It discusses the size and scope of the tourism and hospitality industry as well as the issues and impacts affecting it with food and accommodation components and the growth of global tourism and tourism and hospitality brands.

Industrial Attachment

Rooms Division Supervision (RDS)

industrial attachment This mainly refers to cow husbandry and the front office and housekeeping related supervision, housekeeping led supervision and management of staff performance to create efficiency.

Food and Beverage Supervision (FBS):

This includes evaluating the effectiveness of operations in food and beverage operations under food and beverage supervision, developing an understanding of how to organize food and beverage operations, organizing food and beverage purchases, monitoring storage, and managing staffing performance. This includes understanding how to organize work, purchasing food, supervising storage, and managing staff performance.

Customer Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality (CSMTH):

Tourism and Hospitality Customer Service Management This mainly refers to the management of customer service operations as it relates to customer inquiries and complaints, analyzing the effectiveness of customer service in the hospitality industry and understanding the use of quality systems in the travel and tourism industry.

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