Course For Admission To Government Schools-SINGAPORE (P2 – P5, S1 – S3)

Created by Kingston International School, the main objective is to prepare students for the AEL examination for the AEIS practice exam required by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) for international students. These openings include an assessment of the student’s English literacy, numeracy, and reasoning ability, with a specific focus on English and mathematics.



  • Attain a strong foundation in English at the targeted level.
  • Attain a strong foundation in Mathematics at the targeted level.
  • Able to relate comfortably to the local school context and racial mix.
  • Able to appreciate the different races and cultures in Singapore
  • Able to have a certain level of self-efficacy in taking responsibility for learning

Course Modules -English

  • listen to, read and view with understanding, accuracy, and critical appreciation, a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts from print, non-print and electronic sources.
  • speak, write and make presentations in internationally acceptable English that is grammatical, fluent, and appropriate for the purpose, audience, context, and culture. At higher levels of proficiency, pupils will speak and write for academic purposes and creative expression, using language that is inventive and imaginative.
  • think through, interpret and evaluate fiction and non-fiction texts from print and electronic sources to analyze how language is used to evoke responses and construct meaning; how information is presented; and how different modes of presentation create impact.
  • interact effectively in English with people from their own or different cultures.


  • acquire the necessary mathematical concepts and skills for everyday life, and for continuous learning in mathematics and related disciplines.
  • Develop the necessary process skills for the acquisition and application of mathematical concepts and skills.
  • Develop mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills and apply these skills to formulate and solve problems.
  • Recognize and use connections among mathematical ideas, and between mathematics and other disciplines.
  • Develop positive attitudes towards mathematics.
  • Make effective use of a variety of mathematical tools (including information and communication technology tools) in the learning and application of mathematics.
  • Produce imaginative and creative work arising from mathematical ideas.
  • Develop the abilities to reason logically, communicate mathematically, and learn cooperatively and independently.

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