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English language is known as the main language of the world today and almost every country uses English as the language of exchange and daily activities. In addition to this, some countries even have examinations to make the English language mandatory when people come to those countries, and today English knowledge has become an essential factor.

Those who are looking forward to study in Singapore now have the opportunity to study English in Singapore.

TMC Academy in Singapore now gives you the opportunity to study English in Singapore and build a foundation of knowledge and English skills that students in the English Certificate Program can use to communicate in academic environments. Every person has to focus on speaking, writing, reading and listening as well as grammar.

In this English course by tmc academy, they will be informed about all the English writing, reading and listening as well as grammar. Apart from this, the classes are designed by this TMC Academy in such a way that the students have opportunities to communicate orally to their friends.


  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate A
  • Intermediate B
  • Upper Intermediate A
  • Upper Intermediate B
  • Advanced A
  • Advanced B

The Beginner to Elementary focus on

  • Oral communication skills
  • Fluency and accuracy in spoken language
  • Understanding a broad variety of English speakers
  • Reading and understanding a range of texts in English
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Writing accurately and fluently in a variety of styles
  • Developing the skills and confidence to use English beyond the classroom environment

The Upper Intermediate A to B focuses on:

  • Note taking
  • Study skills, vocabulary building
  • Listening for gist and meaning
  • Reading – skimming, scanning, reading for meaning
  • Academic writing (topic sentences, supporting sentences, paragraphs, organisation; essays and reviews)
  • Research, resources, and fact checking

Course Assessment

Examinations, assignments, class tests, and/or class participation.

Graduation Requirements

Students who successfully complete and pass the levels signed up for will be awarded the ­Certificate in English from TMC Academy.

Contact Info

If you need more information or study related to this English course, you should contact the TMC academy located in Singapore and you can also contact the institution by visiting the following phone numbers or website.


TMC Academy

805 Geylang Road
Singapore 389683

Contact Information

Local and International Student Inquiries

Phone :(+65) 6727 2666
Whatsapp :80233870
Email :info@tmc.edu.sg

International Agent Inquiries

Phone :(+65) 6727 2666 Ext: 404
Email :international@tmc.edu.sg

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