BA (Hons) -Business Management UK

Today, students mainly go to study higher education in different countries. Among them, there are many people who come to study in United Kingdom, England. In the world, mainly India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Singapore and also from European countries today. At present, many people come to the United Kingdom to study.

Today we are mainly introducing you BA (Hons) -Business Management uk undergraduates offered by cumbri university. This institute will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to manage an educational institution.

Course Details



You may already be a scholar of management in various ways and have tried to find solutions to various problems that modern businesses face. This course will mainly provide you with strong employer network and practical understanding and will develop your skills in problem solving, decision making and working with a team as well as your challenges and creativity issues.


  • Develop the skills to bring change to organisations.
  • Learn how to meet the diverse needs of employees.
  • Learn how to shape an organisational vision.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively.
  • Develop confidence to lead others.


Year one
  • Understanding Self and Others
  • Exploring Business Contexts
  • Measuring What Matters
  • Fundamentals of Business
    Learn about business; its scope, nature, types, management functions, systems, leadership, range and challenges and how they relate to stakeholder responsibilities.
  • Principles of Marketing
    Learn about the importance of marketing’s role in driving success and delivering results.
  • Leading Teams and Managing Others
Year two
  • Human Resource Management, Theory and Practice
    Develop an understanding of the major theories and practices of HRM.
  • Environmental, Social and Governance Issues in Organisations
  • Applying Strategic Analysis
  • Services Marketing and Customer Experience
  • Managing Operations
    Explore the principle, nature and scope of the operations and functions in both services and products organisations.
  • International Human Relations Management
  • Digital Communications and Content Marketing

Year three
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Empowering
  • International Marketing
  • Career Management
  • Global to Local Business Futures
  • Applied Digital Marketing
  • Capstone Project
  • Business Psychology


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